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Salvia divinorum deserves a dedicated site all to itself...enter, your #1 resource center for everything you want and need to know about this incredible sage. Here you will find a wealth of information that I have gathered and compiled all into one site.

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From the best way to use Salvia, what to expect when using it, the web's finest vendors online, Salvia reviews, and even how to grow your own plants at home, you will find answers to all your questions right here. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can go through all of the information whenever you like!

Salvia divinorum Information

  • A complete history of Salvia, including what it is exactly and it's amazing effect on the human mind
  • A listing of the best vendors online to buy Salvia from, with quality reviews and prices on each vendor. This allows you to make an informed decision before you purchase. Look for Coupon Codes!
  • 5 different methods to use Salvia, with full details on dosages and supplies needed for each method
  • A comprehensive Salvia FAQ section for your questions about this amazing plant
  • And more!

I want to share my knowledge and passion about this special plant with the world at large. I am excited beyond words to know that people all over the world will benefit from my research and years of experience, especially those who have yet to experience this herb's mind-bending effects.

Salvia divinorum

Let SalviaMerchants be your Salvia information center and provide everything that an informed enthusiast will need for a lifetime journey with this truly amazing plant.


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Buy Salvia divinorum online from top vendors. This is the best place to buy Salvia online with quality reviews and coupon codes to save you money!
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Salvia accessories from the best online head shops including Grasscity, EDI, and VaporNation. Full review and description on each head shop!
What Is Salvia divinorum? |
What Is Salvia divinorum? It is a species of sage that provides the user with a one-of-a-kind visual experience when taken.
Is Salvia Legal? |
Is Salvia legal? Salvia divinorum is legal in many states and countries worldwide. Check here to see if Salvia is legal where you live.
Salvia Use |
Salvia use varies from smoking to vaporizing and brewing Salvia tea. Other uses include chewing the leaves and liquid tinctures, the most potent Salvia use.
Effects of Salvia divinorum |
Effects of Salvia divinorum include a gravity-like pull, dreaming, and out-of-body experiences. They show the inner-workings of your consciousness.
How To Grow Salvia divinorum |
Grow Salvia divinorum at home easily using seeds or cuttings. You can have your own supply of fresh Salvia leaves for chewing and smoking whenever you want!
Salvia divinorum FAQ |
Salvia divinorum FAQ gathered from multiple respected Salvia sources. Find all the answers to your questions right here!
Salvia Experiences |
Salvia experiences provide understanding about what is beyond our imaginations and how our consciousness works. Read some and share yours here!
Salvia Story Contribution |
Share your Salvia story or a tip about Salvia divinorum! If it's in good taste and is related to the site's theme it will be published for the world to see!
Salvia Sites |
Salvia sites for those seeking knowledge about this sage. Each Salvia site offers unique information and services which help and support the Salvia community.
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